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Extreme Power Saving Mode: Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

2014-05-31 07:30:45 HotNews 28人瀏覽

We’ve all had the same nightmare. You’re on your way to a big meeting, and you’re expecting a big call. You check your phone.

“Your battery is getting low,” reads a warning. You’ve left your charger at home and you start to feel a bit nervous. Don’t panic. Simply turn on “Extreme Power Saving” mode to conserve your phone’s remaining power.

Extreme Power Saving Mode gives you more standby time by limiting your phone’s use to its most basic functions. Introduced in the HTC One (M8)*, the mode can be automatically activated when your battery falls beneath a certain level as well.

To turn it on, click Settings > Power, and then tap the “Extreme power saving mode” switch. You can also activate the mode in “Quick Settings” by swiping down from the status bar using two fingers.

Aside from letting you use only the very basic apps (Phone, Messages, Mail, Calendar, and Calculator), the mode also cuts off the data connection when the screen is inactive, conserves CPU usage, decreases screen brightness, and disables phone vibration to boost the remaining power. If you need to access another app not on the tray, just tap “Exit”.

For now, you can go to your meeting with confidence that your phone won’t die on you before your important call. Another problem solved through HTC innovation!

More power-boosting settings

Customize your phone’s battery usage with personalized power options.

Here are some additional options on your phone:

  • Power saver: A different mode than Extreme power saving that allows you to choose which battery-draining features you want to adjust, such as screen brightness and data connection.
  • Sleep mode: Turn off data connections during long periods of inactivity by enabling sleep mode. Your HTC phone “learns” your regular sleep times based on your usage patterns. You can also manually set the sleep mode’s activation time.
  • Usage: Find out which apps and tools use the most battery power, and adjust which ones you want to disable.
  • Show battery level: Choose to display remaining battery power on your phone’s status bar and monitor your remaining power in real-time.
  • Fast boot: This setting makes the startup and shutdown process a breeze. Disable it to extend battery power when your phone is in sleep mode.

We’ve built additional power features based on our user’s high-performance needs. Customizing your phone’s remaining power extends your battery life to achieve more. With so many customizable power usage options, what tips could you share to extend your phone’s battery life?

*Feature included as Sense 6 upgrade. Certain restrictions apply. See your local carrier for complete details.

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