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Tesla Model S now eligible for non-traditional lease with resale guarantee

2013-04-03 06:00:33 HotNews 46人瀏覽

Just as Tesla isn't in the business of making average cars, it's just introduced a leasing program for the Model S sedan that's not entirely run-of-the-mill. Unique to the company's 66-month lease program, you'll find the option of selling the Model S after 36 months at a price that's pegged to the residual value of the Mercedes S Class. While that may sound all fine and dandy, be warned, if you couldn't afford a Model S before, there's a good chance it's still be a wee bit out of your grasp. The Tesla Model S 85kWh edition runs $1,199 per month, which then becomes slightly more palatable once tax credits are factored in. On the average, individuals can expect to pay between $732 to $940 per month for the privilege of leasing a Model S. Meanwhile, business users stand to benefit even more, who can use tax credits to bring the overall cost down to $505 per month. Feel free to hit up the source links if you now think Motor Trend's 2013 Car of the Year is an expense you can stomach, but for the rest of us, we'll just keep dreaming.

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