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Report: GameStop no longer accepting PS2 trade-ins as of June 1

2013-05-06 13:31:00 HotNews 7人瀏覽

Now that the PS2's started taking steps toward retirement with Sony ceasing its production in Japan, it seems GameStop doesn't plan to keep the console under its roof for much longer. According to a leaked in-store display posted to Reddit by eGORapTure, the gaming retailer will no longer accept the 12-year old system for trade-ins as of June 1st. Our friends at Joystiq contacted multiple stores to confirm the news to confirm the news and many said the policy is indeed set to go into effect. Unsurprisingly, PS2-related accessories and titles will also be refused for trade-ins once the date rolls around. We've reached out to GameStop's corporate representatives for comment and will let you know what we hear back. For now, you can find more info at the via and source links. Well, they gotta make room for those PS4 boxes -- however they end up looking -- right?

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Via: Joystiq, Destructoid

Source: Reddit