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doubleTwist gets Holo-inspired makeover in latest release

2013-05-29 16:31:00 HotNews 49人瀏覽

Now with a brand-new streaming music service under its belt, Android player doubleTwist is undergoing a makeover. The app's latest incarnation has just landed on Google Play and features a Holo-inspired refresh that still keeps the character and dark looks of its predecessor. As you'd expect, the application now uses the system action bar on all screens and incorporates the "Up" button. The fresh release also includes cleaner alert and dialog prompts, refined typography and pages that work in both portrait and landscape views, with the occasional optimized layout for the latter. Despite the big tweaks, the outfit says this is just phase one of its Holo facelift, and that more drastic changes and optimizations for devices toting larger screens are coming down the pike. Click the neighboring source links to download the app and catch a grand tour of the revamp.

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Source: doubleTwist, Google Play