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PSA: Free iCloud storage for MobileMe users to end on September 30th

2013-08-02 14:18:00 HotNews 384人瀏覽

All good things come to an end, and for ex-MobileMe users, that end is fast approaching: Apple's complimentary 20GB of iCloud storage for former users expires on September 30th -- this time for good. The promotion, launched to assuage user sorrow over the death of MobileMe and to entice them to try out iCloud, was only meant to last until September 2012 before receiving a year-long extension. Users who want to keep their storage after the kill-date will need to pony up $40 per year for a 20GB subscription, or risk being bumped down to the free 5GB plan.

Unfortunately, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud and iCloud Mail will stop working if a user's data goes over that limit, undoubtedly forcing many to shell out for additional storage. Of course, digital hoarders could always opt to do a little housekeeping.

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Via: Cult Of Mac

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