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Engadget + gdgt Live is hitting Seattle August 31st, get your tickets here!

2013-08-03 03:40:00 HotNews 41人瀏覽

Hey there Emerald City, it's been a while -- around ten months, to be exact. We're coming back Seattle at the end of this month, and this time we're bringing our pals from gdgt with us. We'll be throwing the latest Engadget + gdgt event at the Showbox SoDo on August 31st. As usual, there'll be plenty to see and play with (and take home, if you're lucky), from folks like Outlook, Nokia and Logitech. We're also holding a startup contest, so one up and coming local company can score floorspace gratis. You can nab a free ticket for yourself and a friend or two at the source link below. It's also not too late to get in on that sponsorship action. See you in Seattle!

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