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Pandora intros redesigned iPad app, hopes you'll skip that other big radio service

2013-09-18 23:39:00 HotNews 67人瀏覽

There's no doubt that Pandora is feeling the heat from iTunes Radio. The company isn't letting its competitor's launch go unanswered, however. It just unveiled a redesigned Pandora 5.0 app for iOS that gives iPad users several features that were previously iPhone-only, including deeper artist exploration, social music sharing and an option for more variety in stations. The release also makes better use of the big screen through a panel that helps listeners find related music without skipping a beat. Android tablets will get these perks later in the fall, Pandora says. The firm may still have a tough time luring iPad owners away from Apple's streaming service, but the new Pandora app is free to use -- it won't hurt to tune in.

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Source: App Store, Pandora Blog